Servicing the auto repair needs for families
in the Augusto Road area for over 30 years.

Jeff Gaafary opened auto repair business, Foreign Cars Unlimited in 1985 and has formed a special bond between many of his customers and has kept generations “running” as their family auto mechanic. He personally oversees every car and takes pride that his customers leave satisfied with price and service.

Foreign Cars Unlimited Inc customers bring their Mercedes, BMWs, Lexus, Hondas and Toyotas, to name just a few makes, from as far as North Carolina.

We offer full maintenance services and tune-ups, as well as brake, shock and exhaust-system auto repair, cooling-system auto repair, transmission auto repair and engine overhauls. All electrical troubleshooting is done using up-to-date factory testers.

Owner, Jeff Gaafary

Foreign Cars Unlimited Inc
is one of the longest running
Auto Repair Shops
in Greenville SC. 

Foreign and Domestic Models including:

Mercedes | BMWs | Land Rover | Audi | Jaguar | Porsche | Volvo | Saab | Volkswagon 

Lexus | Acura  Honda | Mazda | Mitsubishi | Peugeot | Toyota | Nissan | Subaru | Infiniti | Kia | Isuzu

Cadillac | Oldsmobile | Chevrolet | Jeep | Chrysler | GMC | Ford | GM | Saturn | Buick | Plymouth | Hummer 

Jeff is awesome and has amazing knowledge of all cars. When I was new to the area I asked someone where to go. So I called when I needed a starter replaced on my Toyota Sequoia and spoke with Jeff. Over the phone (in a matter of seconds) he gave me a quote and and explained why it was pricy. He said I need to do this, this, and this and it will take me X number of hours to do. What he didn’t know was I had just called another shop where a mechanic had to look all that information up. The quotes were nearly identical with Jeff being slightly cheaper. I knew Jeff was my guy because all that information was at the top of tongue. Been going there ever since.

Mike Martin

Customer, Foreign Cars Unlimited

The best in the upstate, no doubt. Amazing service. The owner, Jeff, is very welcoming and helpful. Would recommend to anyone. Would trust Jeff with a lambo, if I could afford one.

Jacob Q

Customer, Foreign Cars Unlimited

I was referred to Foreign Cars by a friend after moving from out of state. For 8 years I have never thought twice about going anywhere else. Jeff and his team are quick, reliable and fairly priced. Anything from an oil change to complete body work, I highly recommend Foreign Cars Unlimited.

lindsey leonard

Customer, Foreign Cars Unlimited

These guys know what they’re doing, they fixed my old Mercedes up well. Also the price wasn’t bad. Highly recommend them!

David Odemchuk

Customer, Foreign Cars Unlimited



5507 Augusta Road,

Greenville, SC 29605


Mon-Fri 8am-6pm,

Sat 8am-1pm

Foreign Cars Unlimited